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copyright 2011 Lisa B. Falour, BS, MBA all rights reserved LISA, INC. (EURL) Turkey was covered in a freak snowstorm. We had been delayed an extra night at the Hotel Richmond, very posh, near Pamukkale. The guide, Ayhan, was annoyed and kept telling us the tour company had lost money. He eventually essentially extorted 25 euros from me and I found him to be quite a bully! I took a Carnet d’Evasion French package tour, alone. My health does not allow air travel, but I did it anyway. Package tours are a huge gamble. This one was dreadful, but it was a way for me to find out about a new place, alone — something exotic. I am Köprülü, so wanted to see this region in particular. These female workers are a demonstration team. These women work at home, a total of three hours per day, no more than one hour without a break. Errors are valued — it shows the rug was handmade. Wool, cotton and silk are used, mixed or alone. The workers are asked to stop after one hour of work, and the longer they take to weave a rug, perhaps the better. Their moods go into the work. Rush jobs are paid less, and are not encouraged. Quality, not quantity. We saw how the silk is unwound here from worm cocoons. I feel a bit sorry I did not buy a rug there, but was not authorized by my spouse to do so. If you order a very big rug, it can be shipped to you anywhere, all taxes and duties paid, delivered to your door. Even the fairly large rugs can be folded up small and you are given a .

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  1. slobomotion on Fri, 14th Oct 2011 1:14 pm

    @babymalai Agreed! I knew someone who worked in Mali for 5 years on a womens’ work program. They turn out high quality traditional crafts, and they nearly got a deal with Disney to do an equitable trade arrangement, but it fell through. She worked for the Peace Corps and sighed, “Entitlement programs DON’T WORK,” but she said the womens’ work program almost made it and was worth a try again.

  2. slobomotion on Fri, 14th Oct 2011 1:33 pm

    @babymalai I don’t speak Turkish & there was no chance to talk to any of these women, but they only have to go here periodically to get paid & pick up materials, & again, the husbands are NOT ALLOWED IN ON IT. That is for the wife to deal with IF SHE WANTS TO. These demonstration teams rotate & I dunno if they get a fair deal or not. It SOUNDED very good, & again, they are considered ARTISANS & artists. I have more vids going up on this place. Some on CUTECATFAITH. Good comment!

  3. babymalai on Fri, 14th Oct 2011 2:28 pm

    they are forced to go out and beg, IT;S SO SAD, the widow, and her daughters, ARE COMPLETELY HELPLESS, AND SOCIETY FROWNS ON THEM, AND TREATS THEM HORRIBLY, all because her husband died? alot of husbands were committing suicide, because they borrowed from a lender, to marry of his daughter, and lose everything trying to pay it back, or can;t , they are upside down, their countries would prosper if they could just tap into a womans worth, so sad, BUT IT;S THEIR DOWNFALL,

  4. babymalai on Fri, 14th Oct 2011 3:26 pm

    sadly so many countries out there, do not know the worth of the women, if they were to tap into the women’s worth, and show their potential, they could improve a countries economy, if only they would LET THEM! i think that so many countries should be doing this, there was a documentary here in Canada, where in INDIA, they families have to give almost everything they have to marry off a daughter, and are often extorted after the marriage, if a husband dies,THE WOMAN HAS NO WORTH, MOST CAN;T WORK

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