The rag rug begining of the end.

October 15, 2012 by
Filed under: Small Rugs This is the final step you’ll do on the rag rug tutorial. It was a little hard for pictures so I did a small video for it.
Video Rating: 3 / 5 shows why you should have carpets on your hardwood stairs…especially if you have pets or small children.
Video Rating: 4 / 5


5 Comments on The rag rug begining of the end.

  1. PerfectlyGothic on Mon, 15th Oct 2012 1:28 am

    very´╗┐ cool… ­čÖé

  2. Rainything on Mon, 15th Oct 2012 2:16 am

    poor kitten,´╗┐ but yeah that happens with grafity.

  3. Azn4Life92 on Mon, 15th Oct 2012 2:23 am

    ;'( poor´╗┐ kitty!

  4. theeFri on Mon, 15th Oct 2012 2:41 am

    Poor Kitty!! (But I can’t help but´╗┐ laugh)

  5. TedsTubeVideos on Mon, 15th Oct 2012 2:46 am

    I noticed you didn’t have the disclaimer…”No animals were injured in the making of this video”!!! LOL It certainly is a good argument for stair tread rugs. I have slipped down our hardwood stairs in my socks once. Nearly´╗┐ broke my ahhrrss!

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