This Is Better Than 50 Shades of Grey

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This is Better Than Fifty Shades of Grey – really soooo much better! Find us online at: http
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For more: or visit our store Your first step is to determine the direction of the nap (rug pile). To figure out the direction of your nap simply rub your hand over the pile — do this back and forth starting near one end that has fringe and work towards the opposite (fringed) end. As you do this the pile will give some resistance in one direction and lay smooth — your hand gliding over it easily – in the other direction. More often than not you can determine the direction of your nap visually by laying it out then standing first at one fringe-end, and then the other. You should notice the rug looks lighter and brighter from one end and darker from the other. This is created by the light reflecting off the wool. Stand at the fringe where the rug looks darker (the nap is pointing towards you). Roll the rug up as tightly as you can from this end, smoothing out any wrinkles as you go – for larger rugs it is helpful to have a second person helping with this.


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