Three Benefits of Adding Wool Rugs to Your Home

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Wool rugs
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Three Benefits of Adding Wool Rugs to Your Home Rugs can play a very important role in your home décor. They can be elegant and stylish, or functional and practical; sometimes they can be all those attributes. Choosing the right rugs to add to your home is a personal choice and one that should be undertaken with great care. Certain types of rugs, all-natural mostly, can give a home a sense of prestige and wealth.

When deciding on what kind of rug to purchase for your home, you basically have two choices: man-made or synthetic, and wool. Wool rugs can provide a home with many benefits that other rugs simply do not have.

1. Wool rugs are flame-resistant and inflammable. They are much safer than synthetic rugs. Even if a flame should ignite (from a particle of something on the rug), it will put itself out immediately.

2. Wool rugs have the benefit of being long-lasting. They are durable, easy to clean and maintain, and, therefore, they have the potential to last for decades or generations. Wool rugs are truly a very good investment.

3. Wool rugs are resistant to dirt, dust, and bacteria. This factor makes them especially great to use around children and pets. They can also help prevent mold in your home as they absorb moisture from the air. They can help with the humidity levels in your home as well.

A wool rug is also resistant to static electricity and is a very good choice of rug for a child’s room. Because a wool rug is averse to collecting dust, it is a healthier and safer choice of rug for your child to be around and play on.

These rugs are also very easy to clean. All you need is mild soap and water; no potentially hazardous chemicals are required to assist in cleaning functions. This is a very important feature to health-conscious individuals and especially to those who have small children and pets around. Regular vacuuming is recommended to keep the rugs looking fresh. When you first purchase your wool rug, you may notice a few fibres dropping off every now and then. This is normal rug behaviour. The longer you own the wool rug, the fewer wool fibres that will end up coming out, and, therefore, cleaning efforts are further minimized.

Wool rugs are very popular interior design accent pieces due to their many benefits over synthetic rugs, as well as the look and feel of wool. More and more individuals are choosing natural wool rugs over man-made synthetic rugs. Some of the reasons have to do with the look and appeal of the rug as well as its many benefits. A wool rug can add a touch of warmth, class, and style to a home.

Such a wide range of designs exists in wool rugs today that it is another “plus” for adding a wool rug to your home as opposed to another variety. Wool rugs can be customised exclusively for your interior décor and your home’s needs. If you are considering a rug purchase, be sure to check out all your options. You will find there are many benefits to owning a wool rug.

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