Wax out of a persian rug?

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Question by Duckie: Wax out of a persian rug?

i got a small trail of candle wax on our Persian rug.How should i get it out?

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Answer by Trish T
I was just reading something in a magazine about this–you take a paper bag and lay it over the wax, then plug in an iron on low, and iron the bag over the wax. Supposedly the wax will stick to the paper.

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  1. 2cents on Sun, 18th Sep 2011 12:41 am

    what “trish” wrote is right

  2. james l on Sun, 18th Sep 2011 1:08 am

    Do what Trish said and keep moving the bag until nothing comes up. Computer paper works good too. It just melts the wax into the paper so it’s important to keep it moving using a different spot on the paper until nothing comes up. You’ll get what I mean once you try it.

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