Websites where I can get cheap but large area rugs ?

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Large area rugs
by Ken Lund

Question by dragonrain11: Websites where I can get cheap but large area rugs ?
My apartment floors are horrable tiles in the living and bed rooms and I hate it! It’s cold and cracked up and ugly. Anyways, we started looking at area rugs but for the sizes we would need to cover most of the rooms we are only finding ones that cost like $ 1,000 – and we can’t afford that – and thats at places like kohls and target, places I thought would be cheap.

Are there any websites where I can buy large area rugs for cheap? Or could I even buy the kind of rugs they usually install but not install it? Where would I get that? At this point anything is going to look better then these stupid tiles!

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Answer by Practically Prudent
By stupid tiles, do you mean the hard type or the carpeted ones? Has a some reasonably priced carpeting solutions.

Also give Lowe’s a shot, their website is no indicator of the deals they usually have going on in the stores. My lady and I got a nice area rug for 150 dollars 8-15′ and it’s not a butt ugly pattern. Oh and check out the bargain racks at your local furniture warehouse, they’ve always got good deals on products they often can’t sell quickly.

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  1. RebeccaV on Sat, 24th Dec 2011 1:05 pm

    I buy all of our large area rugs on ebay. I bought one that is like 11 or 12 feet by 7 or 8 feet(sorry can’t find my measuring tape) for $ 80.00 with shipping. It is a knock off Persian rug design. We have had it for over a year and it still looks great. Just nose around a little and be sure to check the sellers feedback to be sure you are dealing with a reputable seller and be sure to check out the shipping charges before deciding. Good luck!!

  2. vicseo on Sat, 24th Dec 2011 1:20 pm

    Visit and search for “passik” rugs. These are truly bargain Persian rugs at great prices.


    Good Luck!

  3. dawnb on Sat, 24th Dec 2011 2:18 pm

    Check out Frontgate, Grandinroad and Home Decorators on line. They offer indoor/outdoor rugs in all sizes that are really inexpensive. They come in traditional and contemporary patterns and are really soft to the feel. The best thing is that they only need to be hosed down to clean. Home Decorators for instance is presently offering their 9 x 12 size at under $ 300.

  4. damaged bad at best on Sat, 24th Dec 2011 3:09 pm is the best website i have found for buying rugs. i shopped around a ton before deciding to purchase all 5 of my rugs from there. what makes it great, is that there is $ 3 shipping no matter what you buy (even a huge rug), and you can read customer ratings, and you can see how much the rug originally cost before it came to… i am confident that i saved at least $ 200 on each rug i bought. maybe more.
    seriously, check it out.
    i hope this helps. good luck! 🙂

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