What are some ideas for non-traditional wall decor?

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Question by Aster: What are some ideas for non-traditional wall decor?

I’m thinking things that aren’t flat like mirrors and art prints. So far, I’ve thought of small floor rugs and pillows. I have a modern home and my style is kind of eclectic.


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Answer by Sharon W
Use plastic canvas. (This is the flat plastic sheets with little square holes in it.)

Take different types of ribbon and work it through the holes.

Pull the ribbon up in one strand that is even, or uneven. Tie a double knot in the ribbon and let the remainder of the ribbon dangle down.

This will be a moving wall. Anytime someone walks by the ribbons will move.

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  1. kt on Sat, 29th Oct 2011 12:55 pm

    There is a scene in the movie ‘how to make an american quilt’ where a sister who is pissed off because her sister slept with her husband, gets mad, breaks all her figurines, and plasters them to the wall in the laundry room. She ends up doing almost the whole room, and there are body parts, broken vases, etc sticking out of the plaster on the wall. It looks pretty funky, but it must be a pain in the a__ to dust. I always like how mosiac tile looks on a wall. You could go to a tile dealer and ask to buy their broken tiles at a discount, they may even give them to you. Check some thrift store for cool looking plates, check craigslist or free cycle for tile, people get rid of it when they tile their floors and have extra. Anyway, get a stock pile of old plates and tiles, get a hammer and go to town (how fun) you could do a design, or just haphazard, and do a mosaic accent wall.
    You can also do a wall of old records of CDs.
    I’ve always wanted to get a bunch of dried bamboo, cut it in half and glue the flat ends to a wall, that could be expensive though.
    Just keep in mind, it sounds like you want to go 3-D, don’t forget you will have to dust it.

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