What interior design style should I choose for my house?

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Question by Lilo: What interior design style should I choose for my house?
I just bought a new house and I hate all this modern simplistic bright colored furniture stuff. I’m not so thrilled about classic victorian type decor either. Any suggestions? I really like dark grey walls and high contrasts with cool tones. Please help I’m out of ideas.

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Answer by Taleya G
Try the contemporary type.
Check out this website.
good luck.

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  1. Its me . on Mon, 2nd Sep 2013 6:18 pm

    I wrote this article specifically for your question…


  2. Scarlett on Mon, 2nd Sep 2013 6:41 pm

    My suggestion is to mix styles. There is never a reason to stay within one type of style for your home if you like a few of them.

    If you aren’t into modern, bright colors or clean lines, I’d suggest a contemporary style accented with another style you are fond of. Maybe it’s country, french country, retro, or what have you.

    With contemporary styles, you can choose neutral toned couches that are overstuffed and comfortable. Maybe a large sectional in a neutral light grey or mocha. If you paint all of your walls dark grey, you will have to lighten up in other areas. A cream/cafe au lait color couch would be beautiful in a room like that.

    For a good idea on how to mix colors and styles with a contemporary feel, check out this section of area rugs http://houseofarearugs.com/Contemporary-Rugs-p-1-c-9.html . You can mix colors and shapes to achieve the look you are seeking. For example, if you have a neutral room, add a large colorful bowl on your coffee table in a circular shape for contrast.

    Add a large area rug for comfort and warmth, but also to add some style to your room. A rug such as this http://houseofarearugs.com/Mystique-2237-Slate-p-142.html would go perfectly with mocha, grey, and black.

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