What Months does Home Depot Put Area Rugs on Sale?

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by Ruth L

Question by Debbie: What Months does Home Depot Put Area Rugs on Sale?
I was told by an associate at Home Depot that they put their Area Rugs on Sale about 4 different times a year. I was wondering if anyone truly knows exactly when these Sales might occur – if you have specific dates, that would be awesome, but the Month that the Sale occurs would also be good.

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Answer by carl r
you got a good tip from the associate. I would guess those decisions are made at HQ in Atlanta. Maybe your helpful associate can get you the number for the department that handles these issues. Then again, it might be a secret, so they don’t tip off the competition.

My girlfriend is in the magazine business and the same massive print shop that does her mag also does the Depot’s flyers, along with Walmart and others, well in advance. They’re kept in a high security area. An employee took one home and shared it with his friends. He doesn’t work for the printer any more.

These marketers are serious about security.

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