Where can I buy a cheap 5×8 dark red area shag rug?

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by drewleavy

Question by Jones Porter: Where can I buy a cheap 5×8 dark red area shag rug?
I have been looking online everywhere but all I can find are area rugs that are $ 200+…I’m a simple guy and I’m ok with the cheap stuff. I just need a dark red 5×8 shag rug for around $ 50. Any suggestions?

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Answer by Rachel Kumar
For that price, you’d have to stick with something like Walmart:

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  1. S on Thu, 19th Dec 2013 10:29 am

    Found a number of red shag rugs in the size range you want on the internet, but the average price is $ 150. If you were able to catch a sale or item discount offer, one of these might meet your requirements. The included links are used to show examples of the located items, but also check Overstock.com and Wayfair.com.


  2. Joe Ellis on Thu, 19th Dec 2013 11:06 am

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