Where can I get a modern carpet runner for cheap?

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Carpet runner
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Question by lauracalifgirl: Where can I get a modern carpet runner for cheap?I have off white carpet on my stairs and I am looking to find a modern runner to put on it since it is such a high traffic area. I have priced runners at rug stores, but they are so expensive. Does anyone have any ideas on what else I should use? I was told that I should go to a fabric store and get material there because it may be cheaper. Does anyone think that would work? Any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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Answer by Karen L
Fabric on carpet is nothing but a tripping hazard unless it’s glued or taped down, neither of those will last and glue will probably damage your carpet. I have no idea what you mean by a modern runner. If something plain will work, you might try a building supply place, where they sell runner carpet by the foot off a roll. I don’t know if it’s cheaper than what the carpet stores have.

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