Why would my cats use my area rugs for the bathroom?

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Question by : Why would my cats use my area rugs for the bathroom?
I my daughter and I have three cats. 1 male 2 females. One or more are using the area rugs as a bathroom. We have added another litter box. Washed all the rugs with oxy clean for cats. I have told my other daughter not to bring her german shepard over anymore. I am trying to play with them more. Can anyone help me.

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Answer by Mater Mayer
Well, the reason why the cats use the rug for bathroom is because of the smell. What you can try to do is to restrict the cats to certain areas at the house to keep the cats out where the rugs are.

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  1. P.J. on Thu, 9th Aug 2012 3:21 am

    Area rugs tend to feel like grass. Thus, a good place to go to the bathroom. They will also retain the smell of urine. My cats tend to have this problem when they are feeling neglected. It usually happens when no one is home for awhile. You come home to find their offerings! A little more attention to clean litter boxes and more individual attention stopped the problem. Good luck!

  2. Elaine M on Thu, 9th Aug 2012 3:57 am

    A lot of the rubber backings on bathroom rugs smell like urine to the dogs and cats near them, and they use them to pee on because of that.

    Try cleaning the rugs with an enzyme cleaner (pet supply stores sell those, they take out all organics so no smell lingers).

    You may have to just keep the bathroom door closed at all times, to protect the rugs.

  3. renepahey on Thu, 9th Aug 2012 4:26 am

    Your area rugs make them feel good and warm, and the cat can’t be trained well. what you have to do is give them some place and something warm to replace.

  4. Zachary on Thu, 9th Aug 2012 4:44 am

    I agree with what was said above ^^^^ — the cats are, in all likelihood, peeing on the rugs because of the existing odors (pheromones) . Get rid of the pre-existing odors and you’ll find that the cats we’ll seek out the litter boxes (especially now since you’ve added an additional one)

    As far as getting the stain and ODOR out completely, I recommend OUT! Pet Care’s stain and odor remover. I have cats and that’s what I’ve used in the past.

    Best of luck!

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